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  1. Dear Chef Sokhi,

    My mother gave me the flavours of simple, healthy, home cooked food with all her heart, but despite best efforts was unable to attract her daughter in into the kitchen.

    It was only when I (a vegetarian) was married to a die-heart non-vegetarian foodie, and we were living overseas, you became my online guru. Your simplicity, respect for your roots, simple yet masterchef tricks in cooking that you do not shy away from sharing, made me a masterchef in a very short span of time. Today I stand tall on my learnings, of course because of my two mothers, but very importantly YOU!!

    Friends who know of my fondness for you have heard me say – “Once in my life, I wish to meet Chef Sokhi in person and thank him for gifting me the art of cooking”!

    I cant thank you enough for inspiring the disinterested cook in me, making me fall in love with cooking !

    Wishing you all the very best always!

    Warm regards,

  2. Dear Chef, I learned a lot from you. Especially you taught me that cooking is fun, cooking is a everyday work for a woman I learned from you that it is an art, invention. Thank you chef for inspiring me by your awesome recipes. Keep smiling and upload more vibrant recipes. Regards and warm wishes , usashi

  3. Dear harpal singh ji..I am a big fan of your cooking..your style your videos your Punjabi recipies are excellent..no one can beat you.. You inspired me alot..when you cook and describe about recipe and put humour in between that is big plus point of your recipe.. simple soulful touching videos of yours..stay blessed and keep uploading your wonderful Recipes..

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