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My Expressive Journey Of Becoming A Baker Has Just Begun

Dedicated to Myself
My Expressive Journey Of Becoming A Baker Has Just Begun

What is that one thing which we all love to do? Eat, hog, stuff to fill our stomach and relish the taste. The titillating experience of preparing, serving and engorgement which mean eating voraciously is the most satisfying activity which 90% of the real human being love (Because I feel those who doesn’t love to eat are aliens). If there is a vacation or any promotion or office commotion. We eat and enthral our palates. It is said we tend to eat more when we are nervous but people like me can eat at any occasion – Happy or sad.

I have recently bought an oven and the baker in me has started spreading its wings and I thought to show my heroic skills to make a zesty, zippy, yippee and scrumptious dish. So here I present my expressive story of becoming a baker. I made the beetroot brownies. If you are planning to make this, Beware this is calorie rich and it can lead to skirmishes between a health-conscious wife and an exercise skipper husband or vice-versa, no offence.

So let’s begin, beetroot is the main ingredient of this recipe hence buy them with caution. The vegetable vendor would definitely try to sell soggy, stale and bruised beetroots but it’s time to showcase your rich experience and capabilities in buying vegetable. A friendly advice for husbands even if you are going to vegetable market for the first time, acts as if you have done Ph.D. in selecting groceries. 
You can show off your competence by first touching the beetroot and then smell it, express your thoughts like a dexterous professor “Beetroot fresh Nahi hai” (beetroot is not fresh). The moment you say this, the vegetable seller would realize your latent talent and would immediately run to bring the fresh one. Taking one step ahead, you can show your tantrums and make a threatening declaration that “If I find some issue with the beetroot after cutting it, I will return it” Really? Both of you know that this is never going to happen but demonstrating such temper will leverage the benefit of getting fresh beetroot. So use these defensive tips to buy red, juicy, fresh, aromatic and hard beetroot. I am sure now you will never commit a mistake in grabbing the correct beetroot.

Let’s move on to other ingredients. Cocoa Powder which is a fine brown powder. Please check the expiry date before you topple it into your shopping cart. Then you would need Butter, Sugar, eggs, walnuts and my favourite Choco-chips. This brown and white color will make your brownie crunchy and full of chocolate. It looks like small white pebbles have been fixed on the red coloured marble. After collecting all the ingredients pat your back as you have completed a herculean task and now it’s just a road of red roses.

First take beetroot and cut it from top and bottom and peel the skin gently as if you are giving the gold-spa to it. Cut it in half and put it in microwave safe bowl for boiling approx.  5 minutes. This would make it fork tender, hence easy to chop. Dice it into small cubes and put it in a blender to make a puree. Next, preheat the oven to 350 F or 180 C. Simultaneously in another bowl mix butter and finely grounded sugar whisk it until smooth. Add Vanilla essence and egg one by one. This would allow air bubbles to seep in, making it fluffy.

Stir in the beetroot puree and fold it with a spatula. Add Wheat flour, cocoa powder and little coffee powder in a separate bowl and mix it together. Combine this dry mix with beetroot mixture. Last but not the least add plenty of walnuts and chocolate chips. It’s ok if you feel tempted and stuff your mouth with them. No one is watching you!

Pour this smooth, well blended aromatic, sensational, syrupy, succulent, spongy, savoury (ok-ok too many words from Google) batter into baking dish and put it in the oven for 30 minutes. You can complete one episode of SaasBahu serial. Keep checking it with a toothpick and once the toothpick comes out clean ….Hurrah! You have become a baking chef.

Cool it for 12 hours and then cut it into equal pieces to avoid star-war in your house. Don’t believe me! Try it out; this moist chewy brownie with the dash of walnut in every bite is going to be your die for the dish in your kitty party. Lots of applauds and appreciation is on your way. 

I am sorry if I have bored you with too many jargons and smileys so a quick recap.


1 Large-sized Beetroot (Peeled and Pureed)

1 ¼ cup Wheat Flour

2tbsp Cocoa Powder

¼ cup Butter (melted)

¾ cup Sugar (I prefer brown sugar)

1 egg

Handful of Walnut and Choco chips

1tsp Vanilla essences.

1tsp Coffee powder


Make Beetroot Puree.

Take a bowl, mix Butter, and sugar and give it a nice whisk so that it mixes well.

Add Vanilla essence and egg to this mixture.

Add Beetroot puree.

In another bowl, mix Wheat flour, Cocoa powder and coffee powder

Mix it with a liquid mix of beetroot puree.

Add Walnuts and choco chips. Pour in baking dish and Voila!! put it in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

Any Enjoy!!! Loved the way I used so many words :-)

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congrats reading your baking journey it seems u are njoying a lot...Continue