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My Cooking Experiments With Truth

My Cooking Experiments With Truth

I have  always been fascinated by food and cooking as long as i can remember.My earliest memories of cooking was watching mom and grand mom in the kitchen and i would patiently wait what they would prepare and how they did it so painstakingly day after day.Food and cooking are truly a passion for me,otherwise i would not be writing an article here.The constant and continued interest towards cooking made a homemaker like me to an ardent blogger and a keen food photographer.

I have tried my hand in cooking various cuisines,thanks to my hubby and daughter who are not only great foodies but my food critics as well.My passion in cooking was restricted to four corners of my kitchen and the aroma and taste of the dishes were only for my family.Now i find great joy in sharing all of my recipes to the world and get credits from total strangers and appreciations of my blog,photography and writing.

I would like to mention how my cooking journey started and how i gained confidence and hope in the years of my start.I consider myself a born cook.I,right from childhood voluntarily entered mom's kitchen and offered help.It gave me  a great sense of joy.I started with sandwiches for my brother who loved it a lot.Also being a tamilian i started to make rasam,curries etc.,which mom and dad enjoyed.

After marriage i had to cook for my family and was exposed to various cuisines,thanks to hubby who took me out for dinner many a times and i would reproduce them at home and please the family.I felt somehow there was something missing in my life and since daughter was now in college,i had lot of time at home.I was wondering how to use my time productively?As i was thinking like this my daughter asked me one day,"Mom,why don't you start a blog?You cook very well and you will have a new exposure."I was fascinated by the idea and Nithya's Kitchen was born.

I can't say how much i have gained from my blog.My never ending passion towards cooking has gained many new friends on the way. From a normal housewife i gained imporatance,i developed confidence and too boost my morale,many magazines approached me and asked to publish recipes in their publications.I was very happy with all these outcomes and iam waiting for more.

My blog aims at cooking healthy,nutritious,vegetarian recipes which are easy to make with step by step detailed instructions.Iam enjoying each day of my life with a new post everyday for my readers.Some appreciate,some give feedbacks and I  enjoy all of their responses.Here's hoping my blog will reach new heights in years to come with all your good wishes.

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Nice article Nithya! Well written!

Great to know you Nithya...Waiting for your tips on healthy cooking.