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Martha's Preserve - Eat Globally, Cook Locally

Martha's Preserve - Eat Globally, Cook Locally

When was the last time you had natural jam? Or freshly made marmalade? It’s been a little over two years since Martha’s Preserve has graced the world with its presence. After starting in Bangalore in December 2013, they haven't looked back since! What do they have to offer? The best jams, marmalades, and sauces you could lay your eyes on. Natural is the word that best defines these creations that Martha and her team prepare on a farm in the outskirts of Bangalore, where Martha also resides with her family. It sounds like something right out of a fairytale, right?

So what made Martha come to India?

Martha is based in America, and her creations reflect the perfect blend between the family recipe and the Indian touch she adds to them. Each of them is handcrafted and made entirely of natural ingredients, handpicked fruits and vegetables from her own backyard. YES! It’s both delicious and healthy.

Martha's Preserve - Eat Globally, Cook Locally

Martha’s is open for all those who would want to be a part of their production. It routinely conducts Open Farm days which are filled with fun activities for kids and adults alike. There’s everything from horse riding to a cooking show with some delicious food afterwards! There’s fresh and natural produce for sale. Further, all of the proceeds go to charity! Martha’s really is doing what most others can only imagine. You can check out updates on other upcoming events here and here.

You can personally pay Martha a visit and look at the lush farms and gardens at Susheel Farm, Bannerghatta, Karnataka. It’s nothing short of a mini vacation in the lap of absolute natural produce, which we lack in our lives today. Further, the flavor combinations are also rare and unique for example, the pineapple chili jam is a one of a kind with a unique flavor that will leave your senses baffled! It serves as the perfect starter for any meal with a rich and spicy taste and sweet undertones.

The Caramelized online apple relish is another “OH MY GOD!” product that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s rich, it’s sweet, all with the right balance of tangy for all the pastry works you have in mind. Other products include lemon curd, chili salsa, pomegranate orange marmalade, chocolate fudge sauce and other delicious mixes that make your tummy rumble. There are a total of 12 products under the 3 categories of Preserves, Sauces, and Desserts, all of which sell as soon as they hit the shelves with the chocolate fudge sauce being the fastest selling produce.

Martha's Preserve - Eat Globally, Cook Locally

How do you enjoy your preserves? Do you like your jam just with the toast? Do you want new and unique ways to enjoy Martha’s products? You can look at some exciting new recipes here and discover new ways to enjoy this natural goodness. It’s no longer a task to ensure that your toddler gets the right natural and healthy produce, without burning a hole in your pocket. Martha’s Preserve is priced reasonably in comparison to its high quality. It’s a long term investment that pays back in great health and good taste.

Find Martha’s Preserve in 1 MG Road Mall and don’t forget to join their cook club to get exciting chances to get together with other foodies and bond over a mutual love. Martha’s Preserve can also be found at high end retailers such as Westside Gourmet and Foodhall. With Martha’s Preserve, you really do Eat Globally and Cook Locally.

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