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Keeping Tradition Alive With Sabys Barbee Mania

Keeping Tradition Alive With Sabys Barbee Mania

Born and brought up in Bangalore, Sarah always knew that food was her calling, but it took her a while before she finally decided to start her food entrepreneurial journey. With the support of her mom, she came up with homemade secret spice range, uniquely naming it “Saby’s Barbee Mania”. She always dreamt of starting her own restaurant and once you have a deep and hidden desire in your heart to do something you slowly start moving towards your true passion.  After working in the garments and leather business for few years, Sarah took a break to seriously consider her dream. While browsing channels on TV and watching all the TLC shows, she realized that any dish becomes an extraordinary dish because of the right spices which are used to flavour it. This inspired her to experiment with spices and her experiments led to start her venture “SBM”.

The unique selling point of her spices:

  • 100% natural hand ground spices using traditional stone and mortar
  • No preservatives and artificial colors
  • No chemical processing
  • Added health benefits

The venture which aims to keep traditions alive without compromising on taste, provides health conscious solutions to those who want to remain healthy, happy and stress-free and at the same time do not want to compromise by taking artificial supplements. From Cardamom, cinnamon, peppermint, cloves, turmeric, nutmeg to various fresh herbs like mint, coriander, tulsi; all of these not only add flavour to our food but are also source of minerals, Vitamins and great antioxidants. These Spices when consumed in the right amount daily has health benefits of increased immunity, improved memory and protection from cold, cough and allergies.

Yeah we all know this and internet is filled with articles like these, but even though we know the facts, it becomes difficult for us to put 15 spices in the right proportions and make a decoction and popping a small pill seems the easier option even though it has multiple side effects. WHY? Well, for the simple reason that we are lazy people and have grown up on things like “instant” coffee, tea, noodles, etc. We are modern day hi-tech, social media hooked people who will have enough time to browse and read the articles online but would never go into the kitchen to actually try making it!

So Sarah realised this pain point as an opportunity and started “SBM”. SBM has various masalas and spice mixes which can be used every day.  While talking to Plattershare, in an exclusive interview she explains that “Our spices are half-crushed and aromatic with no preservatives and chemical processing involved and that’s our USP which makes it different from other spice mixes”. As she believes that most of the brands sell spices which are powdered and most of the time the consumer is unaware of what goes into the spice powder and yes we all have heard the news about adulteration of spices where coriander is mixed with cow dung!! Ewww!!

Whereas SBM spices are half crushed so that customers can see what goes in and this half grounding also retains the natural aroma of the spices which is lost in the powdered masalas that you get in the market. Using traditional spices, their products help in weight loss, improving digestion, developing immunity and improving memory along with added health benefits like Relief from Joint Pains and Glowing Skin.

Here are few of their products which are equally safe for adults and kids:

SBM doodh masala

Are you always worried about your kid’s health? Is your kid frequently suffering from cold and cough? Do you feel scared and helpless if you see your child in this condition? Please don’t force him/her to eat medicines which provide only symptomatic and temporary relief and do nothing to address the root cause of the problems. Instead try this doodh masala which builds immunity and protects your child from cold, cough and allergies. It is also a boon for people who struggle every morning with constipation. Click here for the demo.

Sabys Fried rice masala

Have you ever wondered restaurant fried rice tastes so much better than what you cook at home? Because of the number and correct proportions of spices which is used to make it. But it is a hassle for most of us because we are not pro chefs. This masala is all in one mix which you just have to add and mix to your boiled rice and veggies, and yummy restaurant like “instant” fried rice is ready. Check out the recipe here.

Chai masala

Are you one of those tea lovers whose mornings don’t start until you have a sip of hot steaming tea? Or you just have a bad bugging headache and require a caffeine kick? Or are just stressed out after a long day at work? With cardamom, ginger, tulsi, fennel seeds, peppermint and what not that can go into your tea, you are confused, but still want the same taste as masala chai? For instant refreshment, check out SBM chai masala. Which when added to your tea adds flavour and multiple health benefits.

Slimming Oats /Slimming Atta

Weight reduction is a common concern these days with our sedentary lifestyle. You gym, buy supplements and diet and do all sorts of experiments but most of the times forget about the most important thing which is the quality food which we intake. Your breakfast and lunch should always be filled with nutrition and if greens and veggies are important so is the Roti or Chappati. Try SBM’s Sliming Oats and Slimming atta which can easily replace the chemically processed flour that you get in the market.

Also check out Slimming dark chocolate.

To get in touch with SBM or buy their products visit their facebook page or website.

Sarah aims to bring health and traditions back to the urban lifestyle. If you know any venture or have an interesting food story to share, write to and we will get in touch with you.

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