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Keep Calm And Let Cookifi Cook For Your Dream House Party

Keep Calm And Let Cookifi Cook For Your Dream House Party

Food, Friends, Family and Cookifi  - What are we talking about? Well they all are so connected. Friends and Family - the ones you always want to hang out with. Don’t we cherish those moments and memories which we spend together? Do you remember those late night friday hangouts with friends or saturday night-outs watching your favourite movies or series back to back? But planning a party always has some challenges especially in terms of fixing the hangout “Adda” and planning the food. Yes - Cafes, restaurants and lot of public places can be used as meet-up spots but nothing beats enjoying with your family or friends in the comfort of your house. It is even better when you don’t have to cook or worry about what to order and where to order from. Isn’t it?

If you are wondering how? Check out “Cookifi” - your very own personal chef and caterer and your one stop to solve your challenge of planning a house party/event without worrying about the food. All you have to take care is about your invitees list and let the Cookifi Team know the number of guests and what would they like to eat.

Check out their website which has pre-decided menus based on various party themes like christmas party, bachelor party, kids party or friday hangouts. If you would like to customize this menu as per your choice you can always do that. Voila!! Yes, it is as simple as that. Just place the order with the details like date, venue and your menu and forget all your kitchen worries. Once the order is placed, calls and mails would float to make sure everything runs smooth, without any hiccups on your party day.

On the day of your party, the team of Cookifi chefs would arrive at your house, with all the ingredients required as per your menu. All you have to do is show them to your Kitchen, the basic daily use utensils and the crockery which you would use to serve food.

Sit back, Relax and DO NOT ENTER the kitchen, Really! We mean it! As Team Plattershare found out with our very own house party with friends. As we caught up with friends and sang through a fine saturday evening, a four-course feast was served on a platter to us by the Cookifi team. Our customized menu consisted of - Strawberry crush as the “welcome” drink; Chicken Tikka, Corn Cheese balls, Corn Canapes, Pav Bhaji as ample bite sized starter options; a live Pasta counter as the main course and Fruit custard to satiate our sweet tooth (check out the video in the end cool). We enjoyed the evening one course at a time, sometimes even going back to relish the starters again - all luxuries of a relaxed get-together in the comfort of your home with your very own personal chef cooking up delicacies.

Keep Calm And Let Cookifi Cook For Your Dream House Party

Hygiene and health is the top most priority when it comes to food and with all the preparation done at your house, Cookifi not only meets this criteria but also provides restaurant like presentation and taste. While you are enjoying, chit chatting and gossiping, fresh and piping hot food would be readied by your very own personal chef. All you have to do is grab a plate and go for it. No way? Really! That is it! Enjoy your meal with your friends and not running in and out of the Kitchen checking if the food is enough and preparing the next course. You customize the home-made meal to your liking by giving instructions for making it non-oily or altering the spice levels to suit your taste buds.

What about the After Mess? Well every host worries about it. And here is our experience - The Kitchen was left neat and clean with the garbage dumped properly in the bins, left over food neatly collected in refrigerator friendly containers and the slab cleaned up.

So if you are planning for a party at your home – be it a birthday party, kitty party, New Year party, surprising your loved one on a special occasion, a night out with friends or simply a chilling out Jamming session as Team Plattershare did, give Cookifi a shot and you will not regret your decision. So, this holiday season - focus on your family and friends, catch up, sing, dance, enjoy and leave the food to Cookifi.

*Cookifi currently has services in Bangalore, with plans to expand to Pune and Hyderabad soon.

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