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How To Chop Vegetables Like A Pro

How To Chop Vegetables Like A Pro

Kitchen, Knife and cooking go together. Moment we enter the kitchen to cook something the first thing which we pick is the knife to chop our veggies or meat but cutting is an art and to cut like a pro requires lot of practice.

If cutting is just a way to make veggies of a smaller edible size then you are highly mistaken and I am sure it would offend a chef who is very particular about inches of  carrot which you have to put while making a soup. Be it Chiffonade or Julienne the knack of cutting vegetables has to be mastered before you become a great chef.

Here is a very informative video by Vah Chef Sanjay Thumma which would explain the difference between those BIG, HEAVY Cutting terms which are used in international culinary books and confuse most of us. Let’s get the basics right .

Video Credits - VahChef

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Awesome, I can cut onions quite fast :D