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Food Survival Guide For Working Mothers

Food Survival Guide For Working Mothers

Most of us work “9 to 5” jobs that eat up the most productive parts of our day. Monotonous, lethargic work just sips away at our energy and creativity, leaving us feeling exhausted for the remaining part of the day, even though all we did was sit at a desk. So, what’s really going on? Yeah, no one knows. What I do know is, it can be so very tiring to wake up early and cook breakfast for the kids and family, and come home at night after a long day’s work and do the same. If you’re a working mother, you know exactly what I’m saying. And if you’re a husband who loves to cook for his family (congrats on being the best hubby), then you too can probably relate. Here are a few quick ideas that will save you time!


Including the person who says that frozen food is unhealthy. Not if it’s cooked by you, for your family. There are LOADS of foods that can be cooked on the weekend, and kept in the freezer. Running late for work? Defrost that and you’re on your way! And frozen food isn’t boring either! Frozen muffins, and entire frozen meals are at your every beck and call. Make it a family event every weekend to sit and cook lots of exciting food, which can be frozen and consumed through the week.

2) Innovate With Ingredients

If you like cooking but don’t want to spend too much time on it, a good way is to rotate ingredients and add a new twist each time. Keep the base constant, such as rice or pasta, with a new ingredient every time you cook. This keeps things exciting and provides you access to the health benefits of these different ingredients – be it veggies or fruits or even sauces! Want some inspiration on how to use the same old ingredients in a more innovative manner? Check out this list for new uses for everyday kitchen ingredients for creative uses for everyday ingredients to get some ideas.

3) Salads (Lots of Salads)

Just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean you can excuse the bad eating habits. Salads are a GREAT way to remain full. A great salad is a mix of fibers, which keeps you full, and natural glucose which gives you the much needed energy boost. Mix up fruits and vegetables and munch on them throughout the day. You can also spice things up by adding different dressings every day! However, it’s important to make your dressing yourself since store-bought ones can have an unhealthy amount of sodium.

Here’s a list of easy-peasy salad dressings for you to try. You can also add these healthy seeds to multiply the health benefits.

4) Egg-hausted? Go for Eggs!

Eggs are versatile and easy to cook. They save time and are nutritious as well. They’re always a crowd favourite and take next to no time to cook. However, the best thing about eggs is that they can be had with almost anything! Bread, rice and even soup! Eggs can be the best to pair up with any base. Here’s an innovative list of egg recipes that you can try today.

5) Leftovers Are Everywhere

If you have kids, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of throwing out leftovers almost every day. Little, fussy eaters aren’t likely to finish ANYTHING you will make for them, so there’s only one thing to do! Reuse and Recycle. Take those leftovers and make something unique, your kids won’t even see it coming. Breakfast for dinner is also a great way to use over leftovers, while also getting your kids to eat the nutrients they need. Check out these two easy recipes made from left overs – Roti Churma and Leftover Rice Tikki

Now you will never run out of Ideas!!

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