Everything You Need To Know About The Sous Vide Method

How many of us have time in these busy schedules to prepare a full meal after a tiring day at work. We all surely dream of having the food prepared when we reach home after a long day. But then we’ll have to step into the reality where we again have to cook for hours. This process leaves us with no self-time. In this case, most of us often end up ordering in and ruin our health with junk food. But what if we tell you there’s a chance where you don’t have to spend so much time in the kitchen as well as cook healthy food at home on your own? That sounds like a dream come true, right? Read through and know more details:


You must have heard about packaged food that comes for survival. But do you see the packaging methods they follow, how they process the food, and how can they make the food stay fresh for long durations? You can’t predict them quickly, and it might be hazardous for health too. And many of us have no idea what are the perfect temperatures and safest methods required to cook food. For that kind of confusing days, we’ve researched the best practices of cooking mainly for meat and found the results. Want to know what is it? Here we go. It’s called the Sous Vide method. Let’s see the steps has to follow in Sous Vide method:

  • Prepare: Firstly, know what you want to cook. Then collect all the seasonings, spices, and carefully apply to the meat. 
  • Pack: Put the seasoned meat in a bag and seal it properly. Avoid cloth bags as they absorb water inside.
  • Cook: Drop the packet in a vessel with water. Then insert the Sous Vide Circulator in the water, set the temperature, start, and done.
  • Once the circulator reaches the required temperature, you can turn off the circulator, take the packet off of the water.
  • Take the cooked meat out of the packet, rest it for a few minutes and it’s ready to serve.

You must be thinking, why can’t you just put a bag of meat in hot water vessel and continue to cook, and how the Sous Vide method is different? We’re getting there:

Sous Vide cooking approach is widely being adapted these days because of its results. Why do you think the restaurants have different tastes wherein they follow the same method as you do. They know what temperature makes the vegetables cook perfectly, or make the meat tender and juicy and make sure to follow those exact temperature. Also, the Sous Vide method is secure, low cost, and low maintenance. Let’s see some more uses of following temperature maintenance in the Sous vide method:

  • There won’t be any over or undercooked results with this as Sous-vide make sure to maintain the same temperature from end to end.
  • Where there’s constant temperature maintained, the results will be consistent.
  • When you seal the food in a bag and cook, it won’t take the nutrients that naturally possess in the food, which makes your diet healthier.
  • As the water won’t be able to take the nutrients or water level inside the vegetables and meat, the food tends to taste more juicy and fresh.
  • When you follow the traditional heating or boiling, you’ll lose the water either through boiling or in the form of remains that are not reusable. Sous Vide method reduces water wastage while cooking but still manages to deliver delicious results.
  • In regular cooking, you’ll have to continually check on the food if it’s cooked or not. But with Sous Vide, just set the circulator at the required temperature, sit back and relax. 

To summarize, the Sous Vide method is easy to use and rapidly grown, adapted for its usage, benefits and to deliver the tasty food than the regular pressure cooker cooking. However, choosing the Best Sous Vide brands is difficult as there are plenty of them in the market. So, consider referring to the online ratings, personal reviews, buying guides to understand the pros and cons of each and get yourself nothing but the best.

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Naman sharma
Naman sharma

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