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Cooking And Morning Blues

Dedicated to All mums
Cooking And  Morning Blues

Ho Shuru Har Din Aise

Ho Shuru Har Pal Aise.

Let every day begin like this, Let every moment begin like this – A happy moment (I bet you sang these lines)

Issue No#2 : Morning blues & killer cooking

I always dream, that one day my morning will also start in a bollywood style or the way they show in the ads, that a girl wakes up and she looks so fresh (my God who puts the make up for her while she is sleeping), picks up her coffee, opens the window and a gentle breeze of air touches her face with a soul stirring background music. Does that happen to you? NAAAAHHHHHH——–.

Moment I get up, still trying to figure out the whereabouts of my slippers which magically hide under my bed and struggling hard to open my eyes, the first question which comes to my mind is “What to Cook”? Shouldn’t I be thanking god that I am alive, I can see such a beautiful morning but I am sorry all these thoughts  fade away in the glory of Dosa, Poha, Idli, Paratha  and chutney. I can see all of them hovering over me and asking me to make a choice. The Tussle between health and taste is no less than a war of Titans and I witness this every morning even though I pretend it’s a great good morning.

With Heavy legs (I am already a mom of a 6 month old so not now!) I drag myself to the kitchen which was happily enjoying the sleepy night and I wake them up too with my “Khat- Khat” Phat- Phat”. I am sure the kitchen would be cursing me. Then I open my refrigerator door hoping to see ready made food but all my happiness vanishes when I see the naked vegetables waiting to be chopped and singing in chorus “Eat me, Eat me, Oh my sweetie”

Why do we call it morning blues shouldn’t it be called as Morning yellow to give importance to our own spice queen turmeric which we generously put in all the curries.


So how do we fight with Morning Blues? Well, inspired by random Women gossip magazines I started writing my menu a day before. Ever since I started doing it I felt more confident (Home Management is as stressful as any corporate management). Yes, there will be times when you are lazy to do so but even if you do for 5 days a week… Kudos to you!!. Take a break on weekend and award yourself by asking your husband to cook for you. All you have to say is “Honey I miss the taste of your hands, Remember the delicious biryani you made on my birthday …can you make it for me today”.

By the way did I tell you I have a cook but still I am in the same boat which is about to sink, if I don’t rush to kitchen and switch on the stove for morning tea.

Lesson of the Day:

                                  Plan, Plan, Plan your Day

                                 That’s the best and only way

                     No morning blues will haunt you anymore

                      Its morning, let’s begin our daily chores.


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Yes Dear, U said it right...Eternal dilemma of what to cook daily... Planning ahead does take off the stress a lot..