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Cocktail And Pizza Party At Gorilla Barfare

Cocktail And Pizza Party At Gorilla Barfare

Wondering What things to do during the weekend, want to experience a relaxed afternoon while you enjoy a Fire-Wood oven baked thin crust farmhouse pizza and refreshing Margarita and Mojito, then check out Gorilla Barfare, centrally located in Koramangala 6th Block. 

Plattershare, platform to connect foodies and food passionate with delicious and yummy food of course, in association with Gorilla Barfare, organized a wonderful relaxed evening party of "Cocktails and Pizza".

Why we say wonderful because there were fun and meeting but Plattershare always believes in experiential learning and so there was lots of learning too.

With all the eminent, Food Bloggers of the Bangalore city, joining in, It was surely a place to be on 25th March 2018 where "Cocktail and Pizza party" was being enjoyed.

Plattershare Food Bloggers Meet-up, Discussion and Fun together. Plattershare Food Bloggers Meet-up, Discussion and Fun together.

Ambiance: Something which you will notice as soon as you enter the place, With the entrance as inviting as it could be, the place has upbeat and lively ambiance with outdoor and indoor sitting, hence gives you a choice to enjoy your hot summer afternoons and dusky evenings at the same place. The Wooden furniture and the dim lights would immediately relax you from the scorching hot sun outside. Even though there is an outdoor seating but the place is beautifully done with lots of hanging planters making it a rustic, earthy and cool place to sip your cocktails and mocktails.

Once you are relaxed and while you appreciate the ambiance, the Fire-wood pizza oven and the aroma of freshly melted cheese will mesmerize you and grab your attention and you will surely place an order for the "thin crust chicken supreme" or the classic Pizza Margherita.

Lovely Outdoor sitting! Lovely Outdoor sitting!

Food and Drinks: From quick bites like cheesy nachos, steamed chicken momos, chili pork, and chili beef, there is a lot to munch, while you sip your Long Island Ice Tea or Margarita. Once you relish the starters, be ready to be blown away by the aroma of freshly prepared thin crust farm fresh pizza. 

And this is not all, if you are burger lover, this is the place to be as you can build your own burger (BYOB) with choice of bread, patty and Indian sauces. Have you heard about Chettinad burger, Yes, they have it to excite your Indian tastebuds!

Anyone. Anyone.

Plattershare invited all the eminent food bloggers of the city for the "Cocktail and Pizza Party" which was not just another party as it has a lot hidden excitement during the event.

While all the guests entered and enjoyed the ambiance their cameras got excited and selfie sessions started with the food. 

The event started with Co-founder of Plattershare, Kirti Yadav sharing what's in the evening for all the guests. Rajeev and Khusbhoo, the lovely couple and our host of the day, explained what is the specialty of Gorilla Barfare. As soon as the mood was set, Star of the event Saswati Behera shared the story about Margarita and how it was invented.

And this is what we call as " The Plattershare specialty" - Every event which is organized by Team Plattershare would have a lot of learning, fun, and experience along with the delicious food.  We give the opportunity to our home chefs and active members to drive the show and share their knowledge and expertise. We shared a  similar experience in our previous "Plattershare HomeChef Meet, Bangalore" event.

With the story of Margarita, the guest also learned how to make "Nutella fruit pizza" by Sai Priya, who is an active member of Plattershare and runs her blog MyCookingCanvas. 

While the camera went live and environment being lively, We got a lovely feedback from all our guests. 

Saswati and Sai Priya, Star of the Show in Action Saswati and Sai Priya, Star of the Show in Action

Here is what our Guest Subhasini Gupta from MsSuSays has to say about the event - "We tried their perfectly curated Strawberry Margarita and Mojito featuring the summer’s fresh produce. Both were unique and tasted good. The mixologist used sugar syrup infused fresh ice-slush instead of ice cubes. This indeed gives the drink a good body and taste."

Subhasini Gupta enjoying her cocktail and the food that she loved! Subhasini Gupta enjoying her cocktail and the food that she loved! Image Credit

Our Guest Srikanth Akula, loved the place and called it Wild, and this is what he has to say about it - "Gorilla Barfare is the first place in Bengaluru which serves Slush based mocktails and cocktails, this is a place which replaced Jimi's Beer Cafe in Koramangala below Local: The Terrace Drinkey! 

The cocktails here are a 5/5 presentation to feel!

P.s special mention to the IrishCoffee, anyone who goes here, doesn't come back without trying it.


The Irish Coffee The Irish Coffee Image Credit

Pravin Menon, who is our active member and was also the guest has an amazing experience and here is what he says about it - "Lots of interesting cocktails and a dessert pizza by Sai Priya as part of the #plattershare gathering. Gorilla barfare is the new version of Jimi's cafe. The beauty of the cocktails is the fresh ingredients used instead of syrups. Fresh strawberries, watermelon, oranges, and cucumbers were used to make the margarita and a machine for fresh ice slush made it literally an icing on the top"

Cucumber Margarita with the Chilli Corn starter Cucumber Margarita with the Chilli Corn starter Image Credit

Our Guest, Punith Hede, loved it to be part of the event and here is what he has to say - "pizza session by blogger Sai priya, as she made her dessert pizza, which consisted of banana, strawberry, Nutella and mint toppings. I really liked the new kind of pizza, it had a unique and remarkable taste. I really enjoyed the event. Check out his story on Plattershare 

Entrance Entrance Image Credit

Another Guest, Vishal Bharadwaj, loved Irish Slush Coffees and he says he hasn't found it anywhere else in Bangalore till now. He was also fascinated by the bar bites and fresh Pizzas. Here is what he has to say about it.

The Bar Bites The Bar Bites Image Credit

Another Guest, Sundari Giri enjoyed her drinks and pizza and wrote a lovely note for all of us. Here is what she said on her blog Ladles and Spoons - "Momos, nachos, French fries, pizzas, and drinks were generously making the rounds during the entire event, by the very courteous staffs at Gorilla Barfare"

Star of the event, Sai Priya, prepared a Surprise Pizza -Nutella Fruit Pizza with fruits like bananas and strawberry and a hint of mint leaves. Sai Priya loved the experience and this is what she has to say about it - "I was invited to "Cocktails and Pizza Party" at Gorilla Barfare in association with Plattershare to take a Baking Session.
And I prepared a FRUIT PIzza. It was loved by all.I ended in making 5 large Wood-fired Pizzas. It was so much Fun !!

Pic Credit - BANGALOREExpress

Nutella Fruit Pizza just for the Event Nutella Fruit Pizza just for the Event Image Credit

Samyak Nanda loved the sessions during the Pizza party and here is what he has to say about it - "The event at Gorilla Barfare kicked off with Saswati Behera demonstrating the preparation of few cocktails. Margarita cocktail, which is a combination of Cointreau and Tequilla is highly recommended.
The next set of the event was baking of delicious woodfired pizza by Sai Priya. We tried the Fruit Pizza which had banana, cut strawberries, mint leaf and lots of Nutella. We also tried their thin crusted Margherita pizza which was scrumptious"

He loved the ambiance and and here is one of his favorite clicks.

A lovely Corner to sit and unwind A lovely Corner to sit and unwind Image Credit

Last but not the least, the Speciality of the place, which is truly loved and expressed by Poornima Dinesh - "I loved their fresh watermelon slush margarita and their version of Irish coffee which was made with ice slush, (which is the speciality of the place)  which by the way, much better than crushed ice! 
We were served with some tasty chilly paneer, loaded nachos and spicy corn as bar bites which went well with our slush cocktails.

Fresh watermelon slush margarita Fresh watermelon slush margarita Image Credit

If you loved reading it, you will surely enjoy the place...share your experience by commenting on this story, if you have visited the place recently.

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The word 'Pizza' is what got my attention at first :P I liked the ambiance, the logo and the name "Gorilla Barfare". Food was awesome too, I was particularly focused on pizzas as its my favorite food and they made them really good. Meeting the owners, Khushboo and Rajeev was another good part, they were quite humble and very good hosts.

While Plattershare organizes the event, a lot of effort goes in inviting the guests, working with the home chef and the host of the place but what I really loved about the event was the wonderful host Khusbhoo and Rajeev whom I met on the Day. Khusbhoo has been a Plattershare member for a long time and so I knew her very well but When I met Rajeev and the way he hosted me it was overwhelming. Both of you guys are a great host and I wish lots of success to both of you.

We all remember the evil Villian Grodd from our time in the DC Universe! Even Flash, the fastest man alive, doesn't like him. Plattershare had invited us for a tasting session and we loved the experience (minus the Grodd experience - that's who came to mind when we visited Gorilla Barfare in the busy streets of Koramangala on a Sunday evening). We had a session on Cocktails, taken by Saswati Behera and on Fruit Dessert Pizza by SaiPriya. The Food and the Drinks here are quite good. We had the Margherita Slush and the Irish Coffee Slush, quite unique to this place. Their wood-fired Pizza had an out-of-the-world experience. We extend our gratitude to @Plattershare - The Social Media for food for extending an invitation to this event. They are a startup, focussed on getting together food bloggers, home chefs and the like!

Seems like an really interesting Cocktail & Pizza Party. I regret not able to join this time. Looking forward to attending the next session.

Its always tough for all of us to end a Sunday evening in the mist of glory and grief, (Glory of Sunday and Grief for the next up-coming day). In this haze what you require is a perfect evening to end it with. Found the same in Gorilla Barfare in the event organized by Plattershare, None other than the members but the ambiance and food just complimented the eve as well. In the galaxy of Bar's in Bangalore, Gorilla has really marked up to worth recommending for, to friends and family. Kudos to Plattershare (Ankush and Team) for such initiation, looking forward for more................

It was a nice event hosted by plattershare with great live cooking session,lots of good cocktails & mocktails with ample starters,pizzas. Looking forward to see some more such events. Thank you Mr. Ankush Dhiman, CEO plattershare for inviting us.

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

It was a brilliant afternoon indeed and a good gathering of foodies and food makers. Looking forward to more such events

  • Plattershare Thank you Pravin for the feedback and surely we will have many more such events.

Yesterday's Plattershare event at Gorilla Barfare was awesome . It was a good interactive event ....the mocktail was good ,thin crust with black olive and fresh broccoli pizza was good ......and apart from all these things the place was too good ............


Had a great time last evening at Plattershare's event at Gorilla Barfare. I learnt how to make good cocktails, mocktails and margaritas. Thank you Plattershare for the inviting


Had a great time last evening at Plattershare's 'Margarita and Margherita' event for bloggers and homechefs at Gorilla Barfare, the newly opened pub in Koramangala. Refreshing, very summery margaritas using fresh fruits watermelon, strawberry and cucumber was mixed and shown live by the pub's mixologist and the bubbly blogger Saswati Behera. This was then passed around for tasting. Sai Priya brought a new twist to the pizza with sweet toppings of Nutella, banana, strawberry, mint. Oh boy, was this good! It was delicious. Momos, nachos, French fries, pizzas, and drinks were generously making the rounds during the entire event, by the very courteous staffs at Gorilla Barfare. Warm and friendly owners Rajeev and Khushboo have created a lovely ambience for the pub / sports bar. The logo of a cool Gorilla is everywhere inside the pub, from the crockeries, walls, washroom entrance. The session had Plattershare discuss about their road map for 2018 and their recent tie up with Bigbasket to benefit food bloggers and homechefs to pursue their passion. Thank you Plattershare for the invite. Chao! until our next get together.

This event was really wonderful, We got to know many things about the cocktails moctails. And also learnt how to make good margaritas. Saswati bahera took us to whole new world of cocktails as she explained everything in detail about them. After that there was pizza session by blogger Sai priya, as she made her dessert pizza, which consisted of banana, strawberry, Nutella and mint toppings. I really liked the new kind of pizza, it had a unique and remarkable taste. I really enjoyed the event. Also Plattershare team's big vision for food. Thank you Plattershare for the invite.

  • Plattershare Thank you Punith, looking forward to meet you again soon.