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Brilliant Combination Of Food And Companionship

Brilliant Combination Of Food And Companionship

Recently, I was introduced to this concept of MealTango by one of my friends. At first, I kind of ignored it but as I read about it, I was amazed of “what all” people are doing these days. Today is the time when you can breakthrough from routine and regular practices and do something of your own choice and liking, not only to satisfy your hobby but to earn money as well. 

I am quite impressed by the founders (husband-wife duo “Saket Khanna and Neeta Valecha”) for thinking about this unique concept. MealTango was launched in India in July 2013 and is a web-based product of Albatross Innovations Pvt. Ltd. The idea is to help travelers and food addicts experience culture through food, in ways that was not possible before. The aim is to bring hosts and guests together to experience the incredible combination of food and friendship. Food lovers and guests get world cuisines with the added benefit of great companionship. Hosts get the chance to make authentic food in the comforts of their home and potentially earn some income. As of now, in India it is operational in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Gurgoan and five more cities worldwide. 

For any food lover the home page of website attracts as it says “Find Unique Dining Experience”. Then it says “Dine in unforgettable locations with MealTango hosts”. It was ok till unforgettable locations but I was doubtful about MealTango hosts. The idea of hosting and being guest to unknown people is unusual and strange. However, when I read through more, I kind of liked the idea to an extent that I want to try it both as a guest and as a host. 

I normally cook a lot for family and friends. Though most of the times, it’s out of love but sometimes it is also out of duty. People come and eat and leave, sometimes leaving a memorable experience with their appreciation and company and sometimes with the feeling that ‘thank God the day is over’. Of course earning out of it is out of question. Here you can invite people at your convenience, cook what you feel like, anticipate a good company and also get paid for the food you serve. 

As a guest, I can know who I am going to, what is in menu, how much will it cost and get to know new people. Normally we eat out at restaurants which serve unpredictable, unhygienic food but this is home cooked meal with people who wants to share their meal and company, so there would be a warm environment. 

How this turns out to be in reality is only possible after I experience it individually but full marks for the idea and concept. Even though I am not an extrovert, I liked it. What is your opinion? Do visit the site for more information. It’s worth it.


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Thanks for the info Preeti..A similar concept has come up in Bangalore too.