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Because He (pm Narendra Modi) Was A Chai Wala

Dedicated to Tea Lover
Because He (pm Narendra Modi) Was A Chai Wala

Photo Credit: Cookingisfunn

He makes the striking decision and the World goes Gaga. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who takes everyone into the storm by his perfectly timed decisions, has time and again shown that He is a leader and I always wondered how he does it. While I was making the tea next morning, after the declaration of the financial surgical strike for demonetization of 500 and 1000 notes and admiring this man and his decisions, I realized how he takes the accurate, timed and powerful decision. BECAUSE HE WAS A CHAIWALA – and making Tea is a very decisive, herculean task ! the complete process of precision and accuracy. You will wonder how?

You will say I am kidding it’s such a simple task that everyone knows it. In fact, tea making is the first thing we all were taught by our moms with the hope that we turn into a great cook . You would have also heard from a lot of “Pummy Aunties" conversing around the corner of your street describing your cooking skills as “Oh she doesn’t even know how to make tea what will she cook”? So go and tell that Aunty to “shut up” because Tea making is equally challenging and from so many years this man has honed this knack and now stands in front of the world to strike at the stroke of midnight.

And here is his simple secret which I learned that day which has all the quality of becoming a successful person in life.

Fight your own Battle 

Early Morning, you drag yourself out of the bed thinking that what a beautiful day it would be when your dear hubby will make a cup of tea for you? Even though you know this is just a dream you look around to be surprised but nothing like this happens. So you make your face and lift your lazy bum off the bed and barge into the kitchen like a queen to fight a battle from sleepy eyes. You search your same old favorite pot (this is fixed in every house) While you still rub your eyes, you pour 1 cup of water in it and switch on the gas stove.  And here are the learnings - You learn to get up early and fight every battle that comes your way on your own. No USA or UN will come to help you if you have to make this country the most developed country in the world fight your own battle.

Precision, accuracy and timely decision is the key to success:

When water starts boiling and here comes the challenge which no “Pummy aunty” can appreciate – If you put all the ingredients together, you really don’t know how to make tea. Precision, measurement and correct timing is the key to success. Just like PM MODI, Who took each decision step by step with full accuracy and knew when to strike, It all started from creating bank account for all then linking them to Adhar card  followed by  disclosure of the bank account in income tax return and the final master stroke of demonetization just before the US elections and around 8 Clock so that people cannot convert black money to white, While these brainstorming ideas are still crawling in your  mind, don’t forget to pound ginger and cardamom along with few cloves and cinnamon. Let it simmer and then when water starts rolling it’s time to put the tea leaves.  All with full precision and accuracy and of course the time management.

Plan each step which you take

Plan your day while the Tea leaves are rolling: He has planned everything before he announced his decision, from how the money will flow in next few hours to which places would be exempted from this decision. While the tea leaves are dancing the rock-on music of rolling hot water you can think of the maid, vegetable- wala, Ironman (Dhobi who else) and your yoga session. Planning your day ahead is always good

 Cool down and Boil up again

He knows it pretty well when there was a surgical strike in Pakistan there were so many speculation of war and terrorist activities but nothing happened, He was cool and then he rose again to strike in the way which nobody could even think of. Just like the way you pour milk and cool down everything just before the final storm of boiling and making the hot beverage ready. Now comes the most challenging part, the moment you will think everything is under control and turn away from the boiling pot, the tea decides to over flow. So stand still in a yogic posture and hold your breath till it boils and then low the flame.  Just like Modi who is waiting and watching and knows when to pour the tea and harness the benefit of all his decisions – MAY BE THE UTTAR PRADESH ELECTIONS!!!!

While your thesis on this topic would be still on, the aroma of this exotic beverage will fill the whole house you will see someone standing greedily on the Kitchen door – Who else your husband who was waiting for this moment and was eyeing for your cup. He will give you a million dollar smile and ask “Chai Ready hai kya (Is tea ready)” Are you going to give him? Well, wait for  PM MODI’s next decision.

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