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Are The Makers Of Happy Meal Really Happy???

Are The Makers Of Happy Meal Really Happy???

With a bag filled of toys I had purchased with the pack of delicious burger, fries and coke which I hardly ate, it was just about toys for me. Happy Meal, the wonder box offered by McDonald’s had a great impact when it was launched in India.

The present scenario is much different. It has lost its market to its competitors in the Indian subcontinent. Entry of Burger King, and the introduction of Junior Joy Box by Domino’s all have made McDonald’s to make changes in its Happy Meal.

Collaboration with Nickelodeon for SpongeBob toys in 2011 did help McDonald’s get attention in the international market yet there has been an overall decline in its sales. A family restaurant where earlier crowd was drawn because their kids wanted to buy the toys making their parents purchase happy meals and burgers. But now McDonald’s seems to be desperate. Attracting the parents by offering books instead of toys, making the happy meal healthier by offering apple slices, and now it is opening McCafé in the country.

According to the report by Business Standard, McDonald’s is planning to expand its McCafé stores with 75-100 stores in the next 3-5 years. Well this is how you get the crowd. Now if kids are not attracted so why don’t we get their parents. From kids to their parents, it now focuses on attracting the parents who will get their children along and when toys catch the eyes, they buy. I think it’s a nice move as now they will get a more diversified crowd, from kids to teens to their parents, now they will have more customers to serve.

But that is not the only challenge. Serving the same monotonous taste continuously for a decade has now started people to consider other brands. McDonald’s is going to have a rough ride but it is going to pay them off as well. Happy meal will have to struggle for now because of the entry of new players like Burger King but a new change in happy meal which is significant can help in getting attention. And for a long term again will make McDonald’s a brand recognized by all kids of any age group. 

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