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7 Most Cool Kitchen Gadgets Which You Must Have In Your Kitchen

7 cool must have kitchen gadgets 7 cool must have kitchen gadgets

1. Vegetable Huggers

This kitchen tool is perhaps the most exquisite and indispensible kitchen tool in the current scenario where keeping the food materials fresh for a long period of time is utmost necessary. Developed by Michelle Ivankovic and Adrienne McNicholas, food huggers as the name suggest “hugs food items”.

Food Huggers find their use ranging from wrapping the cut portion of vegetables to sealing the jars and other drinks so as to keep them fresh for a long time. These huggers are made up of silicon, which prevents oxidation and hence act as a second skin to the half cut onions, lemons etc.

The icing on the cake is that these preservers are 100% phthalate-free and unlike conventional aluminum foils and plastic bags, food huggers do not cause any environmental problem. Due to its universal application, this kitchen gadget is a sure ‘must-to-have’ kitchen gadget for any culinary expert.

2. Corn Stripper

How many times you had to buy sweet or spicy corn from the market instead of making it at the home itself and that too just because of the difficulty in extracting corn from raw corn. So here is the corn stripper, one of the extremely useful kitchen equipment which allows you to extract corn without any cumbersome and painstaking process.

Corn Strippers come in various different sizes and styles which provide the dish enthusiasts with the flexibility of choosing the product of their choice. So without wasting a second, add this versatile kitchen gadget which will save your precious time and will also give you an edge over an ordinary dish maker.

3. Electric Indoor Grill

Electric Indoor Grill is a gem kitchenware when it comes to cooking grilled food conveniently indoors and that too without compromising on that taste and quality of the grilled food. Outdoor grilling consumes more time and becomes very inconvenient in summer days when the outside temperature is not apt.

In scenarios like these, Indoor grills come out as a very handy alternative for grilled food lovers without any painstaking grilling process. Most of these grills are energy efficient and do not create any smoke related issues while the infrared sensor technology juxtaposed with various cooking programs makes these electric indoor grill a suitable must-to-have kitchen gadget.

4. Microwave Splatter Avoiding Lids and Screens

Foods used in microwave generally splatter all around making the interior of the microwave dirty and filthy. Splatter avoiding screens and lids help its users in skipping this cumbersome cleansing process by completely avoiding splattering of food items in microwave. Being BPA free, it has no toxic effects and also saves the cost of soaked paper towels and plastic wraps.

Splatter avoiding screens are flexible enough to fit onto any food material and also helps in keeping small food items like beads in proper place. On the other hand, Splatter Avoiding Lids can be used in various other ways, one of them being acting as a insect resistor during summers. Hence this becomes a product of prime utility which one must have in one’s kitchen.

7 Most Cool Kitchen Gadgets Which You Must Have In Your Kitchen

5. Silicone Pouring Bowls

Curvy lips which eliminates any chances of drips and bring heat resistant up to 250℃ makes silicone pouring bowls an extremely useful kitchen gadget. Moreover, these silicone pouring bowls are very easy to clean, saves space and are microwaveable which makes these bowls even more versatile. The tapered wall thickness and sturdy base allows for reduced spills and makes them immensely stable. In addition to all these qualities, silicone pouring bowls comes in various designs and sophisticated colors which will surely add elegance and beauty to anyone’s kitchen. Apart from this their affordable cost coupled with versatile use makes them one of the must have most-cool kitchen gadget.      

7 Most Cool Kitchen Gadgets Which You Must Have In Your Kitchen

6. Baggy Holder

Opening a freezer bag or other sorts of tiny polybags so as to use their contents often ends in a desire to have a third helping hand which would assist in emptying its contents. This simple contraption serves as your helping hand by allowing for pouring out or filling in the contents to the freezer bags. It has no slip rubber and clips which provides greater control making it highly suitable for tackling sloppy foods without making a mess.

Moreover this baggy holder can also be used in topsy-turvy position for drying the freezer bags. Easy to adjust, highly flexible and exceedingly convenient to keep, the baggy holder is a kitchen tool which every dish maker needs to have as a part of his/her kitchen accessories. This extremely convenient tool comes in wide-variety sizes which assists its users in holding freezer bags of different sizes.

7 Most Cool Kitchen Gadgets Which You Must Have In Your Kitchen

7. Boil Over Safeguard

Boil over safeguard has been one of the most wonderful kitchenware in the contemporary culinary world. This kitchenware lets its users to be carefree of any possibility of spill-overs which may damage stovetops or other nearby culinary items. Boil Over Safeguards are made of exclusively durable, completely odour-resistant silicone which adds immense strength and longevity to it.

Being able to perform well at high temperatures till 420 ℃ also adds to its value. By allowing the extra liquid content to collect over the inner rings, the safeguard completely avoids spilling off of the contents and as such is a necessary kitchen gadget to have in this fast moving world where time is precious and no one would like to waste it in unfruitful tasks of cleaning the stovetops.

About the Author: This Article has been written, researched and shared by Shobhit Dwivedi, who is an engineer by degree, a gourmand by heart and loves to research and write about food, health and fitness to satiate his passion for them.  You can follow Shobhit on Plattershare.

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What amazing gadgets...Nvr even knew about these...Nice share...

I love those Silicon pouring bowl. Will save so much mess in the Kitchen

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